Volunteer Agreement Vita

A: At the beginning of January, you will prepare taxes on one of our sites. If you are posted on the site, you must bring your badge, voluntary reference manuals and voluntary agreement 13615. On site, taxpayers will register on the site with all their information and necessary documents. Packages and forms are distributed to the customer and a screen performs an admission interview to ensure that the customer has provided all the necessary information. Once the admission interview is complete, the taxpayer`s return will be included in the queue to be prepared. The return is then prepared by a certified IRS control preparer and verified by a quality controller. The return is then signed by the taxpayer and the process on the ground is completed. The coordinators of the website are responsible for the operation of the website and assist you in case of problems or concerns. While we prefer that our site coordinators manage and direct the site, there is sometimes an instance in which they have to cover the other posts. All documents and forms necessary for tax filing are made available on each site and, if necessary, replenished. A: Although there is no deadline for submitting applications, we ask our volunteers to apply as soon as possible for training purposes. Our goal is for all volunteers to be scanned, trained and certified by January 25. As we approach the start of the tax season, training opportunities are limited and volunteers may be invited to train themselves.

A: Our tax preparation sites are strategically located throughout the county to maximize the number of individuals and families we serve. However, we do not expect our volunteers to travel long distances. Training is provided at different geographical locations to facilitate and facilitate the participation of volunteers. During the tax season, volunteers are placed on the sites based on preferences on their original application. If you were unable to participate in this last training, you can still perform the tests and download the agreement at your own time by following the instructions here. A: No, you don`t need to submit a CV or already have tax preparation experience. The training is made available free of charge to all volunteers participating in the program. A: You don`t need experience or background to volunteer for VITA. . Interested people of all backgrounds are invited to apply. All volunteers, regardless of context or experience, must be certified VITA before the start of the tax season. We will give you everything you need to know, all we ask for in return is your commitment.

A: Riverside County employees are excluded from the live scan. All other volunteers must be volunteers in Riverside County, in accordance with Board of Directors regulations. Live Scan`s in Riverside County are executed by the sheriff`s department and submitted to the Department of Justice to investigate certain misdemeanors. In addition, Live Scan cannot be shared by external agencies. For example, if you did a live scan for your task, we can`t use it as space for this volunteer position. Q: How does volunteering work? How do I get the information I need to file individual tax returns? Will I interact with taxpayers? A: Once the voluntary application is completed and filed, we will check your registration. Information about the completion of the live scan and background information will then be sent to you to go to the nearest sheriff`s department and pay $42. After the evacuation, the volunteers are then programmed for training and assigned to a site. A: We ask our volunteers to work at least 35 hours at volunteer sites during the tax season. The 35 hours may consist of some combination of hours worked at the sites; three hours on a Friday and five hours on the following Saturday (and so on) is a perfectly acceptable way to meet the minimum requirement.